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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Engageya: An Honest Review. Scam or Legit?

Engageya: An Honest Review. Scam or Legit?

In my search for different ways of monetizing my websites I came across Engageya.  

My first impressions of Engageya are a little bit sketchy. I signed up today; July 25th 2020 so at the time of writing this I have very little experience of the site, however I will follow up with daily/weekly reviews of Engageya and if/when I receive a payout I will also post proof of payment and earnings.

Engageya offers a very simple layout and doesn't have a review process for your website.  You can literally sign up, add your website to the system and create ads to put on your site.

You can also advertise with Engageya, however this isn't part of my review as I don't anticipate using this site for any advertisements I may wish to create in the future. 

There is very little information on the site as to how it works, pay dates ect.

I have entered my PayPal address in the profile part so one would assume this is the payment method, however I currently have no idea at what the minimum payment or how to request it if I reach the unknown threshold.

Engagya offer a number of ad formats to put on your site in the form of native ads. Under article, sticky, snippet and sidebar ads.

I will update further after I have used it for a while and update on whether or not it is worth using as an easy monetization method for new bloggers/websites.

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