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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Review of social media app Parler

A Review of Parler: Social Media App

Parler: What is the app that MPs and right-wing celebrities are ...

JULY 2020

After Twitter and other social media platforms cracked down on hate speech, users were looking for somewhere else to voice their right to 'free speech'. Enter Parler, a majorly right wing social app that allows freedom of speech without getting banned. It is currently being heavily promoted by the likes of Donald Trump and Katie Hopkins who are both known for their controversial views.


Parler is a social networking Platform where people can search for profiles and follow certain users' accounts, and a great site for communication. It is a private type of business that was launched in 2018 by John Matz. Parler is an app that connects people all over the world. It has active users of almost 1.5 million. The user can write the review and post it and the other user can vote on the post to approve or echo it similar to another known social networking platform called Twitter. Parler aims to provide the community with a website that respects the rights of users, promotes publishers, and creates online forums. Parler seeks to enable users to monitor their interactions. There is no choice to use a horizontal screen. If you try to expand a picture, the screen returns to the original post inside the post document. Members can be responsible for liaising information as they find necessary. 

Parler can be used at no charge. Soon, the company expects to include advertising, and could have some sort of promotion or profit-sharing with common users. The creators of Parler have said that they intend to accept postings that might be excluded, banned, or marked on other pages as spam. One reason Parler has fewer users compared to other social networking sites is that this platform is a newbie in the social Networking World as compared to other platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc  which were launched quite earlier. Although Parler is new in the Market it still has advanced well in these two years as numerous improvements were noticed by its users which were highlighted on various review sites. Like all other social networking sites Parler offers user-friendly features and supports both IOS and Android.


Getting connected with Parler is as simple as getting a Facebook account. Just by attaching an image and a copy pf user’s license that includes both front and back side needs to be submitted. This step is necessary in order t get a verified Parler account. This step will not invade anyone privacy as the submitted copy is only used for verification purpose and is immediately deleted as soon as the user profile is verified. Verified Profiles are recognized by Red Tick similar to the blue ticks which we get on twitter profiles.

One thing that differentiate Parler from other Platforms is their restriction policy. Without being restricted, you have more freedom to raise your opinions, unlike other platforms where freedom of speech is limited to some context. 

You must speak with your mind and not worry about deleting or closing your account by close-minded moderators or building an application to overwhelm your speech.  Parler doesn't have controlling content algorithms. It is the choices of the person in the group that restrict the "power" of anyone on the platform and not the business. They give you a follow, block, or mute capability. Parler is a platform where it allows you to share your opinion but it also protects the rights of an individual so that violation measures are kept in control. Its guidelines say “Use your words to express your opinions without the use of violence". 

A recent Tweet by Cristiano Lima shows how CEO of Parler describes the content policies.

A recent article in The Guardian discusses the use of free speech on Parler:

New rightwing free speech site Parler gets in a tangle over … free speech

Parler has a 3 star rating on Google Play App as of July 2020


Parley is a great social networking platform for communication and expressing your opinions, without violating any user rights or offending them. Parler offers a privacy policy which every user has to follow.  The privacy of every user is safe, as after verification of your profile user information is deleted and is not shared with any third party. It's a fantastic application which can work even much better if progressed but considering the current framework it is going well with its promising features. 

The only obstacles to communication are the ones that the SCOTUS legally upholds. Do not incite violence (actual violence, words are not violence) and do not make people threatened. There are hiccups but they can be corrected and fixed very quickly. It's still a new platform, and as such the "bugs" are still coming out to make it easier. But the whole time it's getting better and growing exponentially quick  so if you still enjoy true freedom of speech as everybody do so  then Parler welcomes you to be part of it to maximize your experience of not only social freedom but to many more promising features. On Parler We all know what's right and what's not right! Parler is what America stands for "liberty," freedom, debate, thoughts, happenings! And the freedom to point out lies, without censorship, restriction, suspension, etc. If any fake account follows you Parler allows you to block them as it provides you with options like follow, block, or mute capability. This platform is free of charge so you can access it easily and connect to million of peoples and share your opinion.


Many users complain about the password reset option. They complained that they never get any authentication response if they try to reset theirs password, even though they have the correct email to reset. Also the password and the verification code just lasts ten seconds.

Users also complain about the deleting process of Parler account.i.e.when they repeatedly request about deleting their account the only response they  receive is a "Thank you" message even though the account is still live. Few other complains were reported where several users couldn't logged back to their accounts as they no longer have access to their accounts, although they have right passwords and login details. 


Summing up all, PARLER is a great social networking platform that is based on a unique framework. Although this platform is a great contribution remarkably for political speech, micro blogging and other entertainment related options, it has some major privacy issues, complaints from users and a lack of support from Parler Support Team. Parler manages to gain attention from only few users. The application is slow in the race to make its place among other well known and trending platforms that are  widely praised by users all around the world. The very thing that attracts people to social media platform Parler may be the very thing that ultimately is it's downfall. However with 2020 changing our world in so many ways, this may do the complete opposite.

Only time will tell!


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