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Thursday, 23 July 2020

Goya Beans. An Honest Review.

Goya Beans. An Honest Review.

With all of the fuss over Goya Beans and related products, and the fact that we now somehow live in a country where Donald and Ivanka Trump have made beans a political item, one question popped immediately to mind: With all of that fuss, are Goya Beans even any good?

So we ordered us not only some Goya Beans, but a whole line of Goya Products.

Ivanka Trump with Goya Black Beans

We begin with Ivanka's new favorite, Goya beans.

Goya Red Kidney Beans in a Can Goya Black Beans in a Can

We tried both the Black beans (frijoles negros) and red kidney beans (frijoles colorados), both of which will run you about 3 bucks a can on Amazon. And after trying both, we came to the conclusion that.... they're beans. We tried them alongside of 2 other brands of beans, and in all honesty, we couldn't tell the difference between a $0.99 can of red beans and a $3 can of Goya beans.

Goya Rice and Red Beans

Next on the list we tried a pre-made side dish, Gallo Pinto Red Beans and rice mix. This was a step up from the plain beans; it takes just over 20 minutes to prepare, and was surprisingly satisfying. A bit on the spicy side, this is a dish that would go along with any number of main dishes. Goya Gallo Pinto Red Beans and Rice is basically a small upgrade from Rice A Roni; however, the nearly 7 bucks a box it's drastically overpriced.

Goya also offer a range of seasonings which we have yet to try. I have some on order from Amazon, which we will be using for one of our home cooked soup stews in one of the best kitchen gadget ever in my opinion. The Philips Soup Maker. We will be doing our review on this amazing kitchen gadget in the near future.

If you have tried these Goya seasonings already, please leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

A few Goya Bean recipes we will be trying soon are listed in the links below.

Goya Black Bean Recipes:

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